The growing demand for increased lift elevator wire rope optimistic prospects

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The last 10 years , with sustained and rapid economic development , the growing demand for increased elevator , the elevator manufacturing industry into a powerful force , so far, China has become the world's largest elevator manufacturer and the world's largest elevator market , thus boosting the elevator rope demand , industry insiders predict future domestic elevator wire market prospects , is a glittering metal wire products market.

According to the China Elevator Association statistics show that China's number of elevators to reach 200 million units, and a 20% annual growth rate . Over the past decade and more, to benefit from urbanization and real estate boom , domestic sales lift from 2001 began to enter the explosive growth phase, from 37,500 units in 2000 to the rapid growth of 530,000 units in 2012 , an average annual increase of up to 24.7% in 2012 in the case of real estate subject to regulation , the elevator industry growth rate is still as high as 18 % in the next boom industry as a whole is expected to continue to improve . 2007-2012 China's elevator sales were 216,000 units and 530,000 units. Presumably, the global elevator sales were 453,000 units over the same period and 85 million units, domestic sales accounted for an elevator from the global proportion rose to 48% in 2007 to 62% in 2012 ; within five years , the proportion of domestic elevator maintain accounts from the world 10% rising to 23% or more , China has become a truly global superpower and an elevator lift sales of holdings superpower.

The rapid development of China's elevator industry , the elevator market has become increasingly expansion, boosting the demand for elevator rope . Insiders, elevator rope is a single strand spiral cord was twisted around the system, usually No. 50-65 60Si2Mn quality carbon steel or steel . There are elevators elevator wire rope drag references , hydraulic elevator rope , elevator balance ( compensation ) with a wire rope, wire rope and other elevator governor ; Model elevator wire rope winch has its 8 × S (19), 8 × W ( 19), 8 × Fi (25), the governing models are 6 × 24,6 × S (19), 6 × Fi (25) , etc., are equilibrated with 6 × 37,8 × Fi (25) , etc. . In addition to conventional models , is also developed for ultra high-speed large -capacity elevators with large diameter wire rope and lift system suitable for miniaturization of small diameter wire rope series.

Over the years , China's elevator wire rope manufacturing and development , as early as 2003 , China's production of elevator rope only 1 million tons , mainly rely on imports accompanied by the development of elevator manufacturing . In recent years, production of elevator rope around 23,000 tons annually imports about 800 tons . High-speed, ultra- high-speed elevator wire rope imports decreased , indicating that the country has made great progress in the elevator yield and quality wire rope, especially high-speed , ultra high-speed elevator wire research and development , so that high -quality competition in the domestic market, elevator rope so that a certain development.

At present, the domestic elevator wire rope manufacturing level has been greatly developed , annual estimates exceeded 200 million tons. Except for the major wire rope manufacturer GB production, have generally adopted the international advanced enterprise standards and ISO production . Some manufacturers export , but also for the whole package OTIS , have been exported to South Korea, Southeast Asia , the Middle East , Europe, Oceania , South America and other places, which shows that our elevator wire rope production levels close to the world advanced level.